Backup Systems & Disaster Recovery

Why do I need a backup system?

Backup systems are perhaps the most ignored and most essential component of small business IT. The cost of reliable backup has been greatly reduced due to advances in storage technology and the many new device and software options. Even with these options, it is rare to find a business with a comprehensive backup system in place. One of the most important, if not the first discussion an IT consultant or network administrator should have with a potential client is the need to secure business data. The high up-time and MTBF (mean time between failure) of most brand-name storage devices including desktop and laptop drives makes it is easy to forget that every drive in every computer is eventually going to fail. Implementing nearly any system, even infrastructure devices such as switches, routers and other seemingly non data- related devices require processes to protect, firmware, on-chip settings and other information needed for disaster recovery.

What does a good backup system do?

At a minimum, all businesses should have backup systems that automatically copy critical data to alternate media on a meaningful schedule (daily, weekly, etc…). A copy of your data should also be stored off-site to guard against a destructive event such as a fire or flood. If your data is essential to the operation of your business it is prudent to use RAID or other high up-time devices that will allow you to continue working through failures (or to recover quickly from them).

Be prepared, not sorry

Any backup systems you implement should be carefully documented, monitored and tested regularly to insure they are working as expected. A catastrophic recovery plan should be prepared for the people who would have to implement it. A simple, easy to follow set of instructions specifying the action to take in the event of a data-threatening emergency will allow you to recover in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of disruption to your business and your customers.

If you don’t know how, when and where your data is being safeguarded – chances are it isn’t. We will design a sensible, comprehensive backup system and recovery plan that provides the protection you need without breaking your budget. The peace of mind that comes with such a system is priceless.