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Computer repair is the heart of our business and all computer repairs at Z Logic are performed by the owner, Joseph Zotto, a master technician with over 25 years of field service experience. We know that when your computer needs service you want it done quickly, conveniently and professionally. This is the essence of service and it is what we do best.

To Repair Or Not To Repair

Computer Repair Astoria NY - Component Repair

Computers are a fairy reliable part of our everyday lives but thy are complex machines that need periodic service to ensure optimal performance and to address occasional problems. While many user choose to replace a computer when they encounter a situation they cannot resolve themselves, repair is often a viable option in many cases. A majority of homes and businesses have more than one computer and it can be expensive buying a new laptop every time liquid is spilled on a keyboard or a screen is cracked. Some user serviceable parts such as power supplies, fans and hard drives are going to fail at some point and checking to see if a repair is worth the cost has never been easier.


What happens when I request a repair?

When you request a computer repair, we collect some information to determine the type of problem your device is presenting. You will receive the information you need to determine if computer repair is appropriate and cost effective. Several factors such as: age, condition and use of your device will be reviewed. An estimate is provided so that cost can be considered. When you use Z Logic, you are always in complete control of your computer repair. If you want to proceed, you can request service in any of the following ways:

Immediate Remote Assistance
On-Site Service
Drop-Off or Pick-Up
Same Day
Day or Evening
Emergency Service 24/7/365

Whether you need desktop repair, server repair, notebook or laptop repair we’ve got you covered. We fix all software and hardware problems such as: WiFi, networking, internet issues, crashes, viruses, cracked screens etc. If a repair is started and additional labor or parts become necessary to complete the job, you have the right to stop the repair – and you owe nothing. You never need to worry that costs will exceed what you authorize.

In short, we value your time and do our best to provide timely, stress free repairs in the manor most convenient to you.