Managed Services For Your Medical or Dental Practice

Our Approach


Z Logic’s approach to servicing medical and dental practices starts with the development of an appropriate suite of services to meet each clients discreet needs. Practices that are considering a relationship with Z Logic usually start with an introductory meeting and survey of IT resources. We then provide a review with recommendations and a vision of how we believe we can best manage your IT assets, provide value and exceed your goals and wishes. A fresh set of objective eyes will often notice the small adjustments that can realize immediate improvements in process and work-flow and we have a wealth of knowledge to share. Over the years, Z Logic has designed, built and maintained secure VPN networks for connectivity with hospitals and to connect multi-location practices, implemented network fax and VOIP solutions to simplify communications between offices and with referring physicians, worked with numerous vendors to create specialty networks such as DICOM/PACS for medical imaging and electrophysiology environments. If one thing is certain about Medical IT Support, it is that experience makes a difference. Z Logic has that experience, and we bring a deep commitment and focus to our work.

EMR / EHR Systems


If your practice is still using paper and you are considering moving to an EMR / EHR system, you have come to the right place. Z Logic has extensive experience managing practice migrations onto these systems and can help you navigate the difficulties and pitfalls in order to make your transition a smooth one. We can provide everything from preparing the vendor presentations to recommending and managing hardware and properly staging the process. The EMR / EHR industry has matured and there are many reliable systems that can be installed locally or in the cloud to digitize your clinical and billing records in a manner that suits your practice.



As reimbursement rates continue to decline all practices must find efficiencies wherever they can. Well executed medical IT can bring great productivity and flexibility. When you partner with Z Logic, expect simple, refined solutions based on industry experience. Expect a new member on your team thinking about how to improve the use of your IT assets and make you more successful. Expect a partner that is always available when you call for a consult – anytime. In short, we do our best to bring the same kind of dedication to you that you bring to your patients. Expect nothing less from your medical IT service provider.